Stacie Mavrikos
This lady knows how to bake! She did a custom ponponpushin cake that wasn't too sweet and looked like the character exactly. My daughter was so happy with it. If you want quality and great service call KT.
Savina D.
The cakes are as delicious as they look. Fresh homemade cakes at great prices. Friendly service. The ingredients used are fresh. Food is prepared in near clean place.
Shree B.
I wasn't sure the eggless cakes would suit the occasion but K cakes proved me wrong. K- cakes provides great options for birthdays, family events and other occasions. Wide variety to choose from with amazing flavors.
Parimala K.
K Cakes would be the way to go when looking for egg less cakes, the cakes are freshly baked and have a variety of choices when it comes to egg less cakes. There are many different options available, some of my favorites would include Tuti Fruity and pineapple cake.
Vidhya J.
K-Cakes provides the best eggless cakes in the valley. I always order cakes for all my special events. K-Cakes has always exceeded my expectations and I am always surprised by the new designs on the cakes. They are delicious and soft with lot of different flavors. I would definitely recommend others to try out.
Anil Bhardwaj Mannekote
I would love to have Birthday cakes prepared from K Cakes bakery. Whenever I order cakes for birthdays or different occasions they prepare and deliver well in time with the same delicious taste. I am thankful that we can also order cakes without adding eggs.
Parimala Sridhar
K cakes deliver the most moist and soft eggless cakes. I love the customization of some Indian flavors in the cakes as well. The decorations are very professional and we can customize them. We are highly satisfied with the quality. My kids love the delicious cakes.